Standardize responses for media type header errors

Spreedly has standardized the error responses returned due to invalid Accept or Content-Type headers. Users will now receive a 406 Not acceptable for an invalid or unsupported Accept header, and a 415 Unsupported media type for a POST, PUT, or PATCH with a missing, unsupported, or invalid Content-Type header.


Leverage additional opportunity for network token lifecycle management

As part of the typical transaction flow for utilizing a network token, Spreedly will now leverage the network token cryptogram response from the card network to update the network token's expiration date. This is an added opportunity for the most up to date lifecycle management of network tokens for our Advanced Vault customers.


dLocal: Add support for IP and phone fields

Spreedly will automatically send the ip and phone fields within the payer object for transactions on the dLocal gateway. Please visit the API reference for more details.


Adyen: Improve error code parsing

While most of Adyen's error codes are numeric there are a few error codes that Adyen provides in the refusalReasonRaw field that include letters as well. This change ensures that we not only get the correct error code when it is numeric, but also if it includes letters.


CyberSource Rest: Add support for Network Token and Stored Credentials

The CyberSource Rest gateway now supports transacting via network tokens and transactions with the stored credential framework. Please see the network tokenization guide and stored credential guide for more information.


Braintree accepts a new parameter when rendering the Paypal payment element

Spreedly now supports ‘callbackActionButtonFunction’ as a parameter for Spreedly.createBraintreePaymentElements. For more information, please see the Braintree Alternative Payment methods guide.


Plexo: Now supporting transactions with Network Tokens

Spreedly now supports transactions using network tokens through the Plexo gateway. For detailed information on using network tokens, please refer to our guides on Transacting with Network Tokens and Network Tokenization.


Worldpay gateway supports overriding with stored_credential_transaction_id

If both the standard stored credential framework fields and the stored_credential_transaction_id GSF is passed in for the Worldpay gateway, Spreedly will send the NTID from the stored_credential_transaction_id GSF over the one on file.


Spreedly returns latest payment method data for failed transactions

Updates the transaction.payment_method field for failed gateway transactions to accurately display the network transaction IDs for that payment method.

Support for more successful response codes from Vantiv eCommerce (formerly Litle)

On the Vantiv eCommerce (formerly Litle) gateway, Spreedly now considers two more transaction response codes as successful: 141 and 142. For more information, please see the Vantiv eCommerce (formerly Litle).